Electrical Installations

Electrical Installationelectrical-installation-picture

Selection of Electrical installation / Electrician is one of the crucial decisions which is often overlooked. Usually it is considered a less important and routine issue. In reality it is really not as simple. Proper Electrical Installation /Electrician services with right choice of wire, equipment and technical knowledge not only maintain the smooth flow of electricity but also very important for security. According to a survey 7 out of ten fire incidents happen due to short circuit. And almost every time, a defective electrical installation is the culprit behind the short circuit.

Whenever you have to get electrical installation, kindly keep these point in your mind:

  • Selection of correct Gage of wire according to load.
  • Selection of Quality equipment.
  • Selection of right person/firm for your electrical installation work.
We carry out all types of domestic and commercial installation work including the following…
  1. Switchgear installations
  2. Distribution Systems
  3. Industrial and Commercial refurbishments and re-wires
  4. Domestic re-wiring
  5. Fault Finding