CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras are the cameras that are used in Closed Circuit Television Systems. These are the device that actually produce the image and selecting the right type of camera from the extensive range that is available today by CCTV-1 is very important depending on what your needs are. They are mainly used for surveillance and security purposes but also are now becoming more and more common as a crime deterrent particularly in areas where crime and anti social behaviour is more prominent. Home and business owners have felt the need to install these devices as a crime prevention method in addition to their security alarms. The reasons people are installing cameras are so varying today as not only as perimeter security method for their homes or business premises and car parks but also within their premises for things that can vary from keeping an eye on the nanny or domestic help, watching the kids play in the garden or who is taking things from the office or your shop. Cameras can be places almost anywhere. On the top of a pole to hidden in a fixture, the varied price range of these cameras means that everyone is able to afford to install them at any budget. CCTV1 offer many types of cameras that are available for every budget and every requirement. The main types of cameras installed by us are Infra Red Dome Cameras. They are of a high resolution of 1200 TV Line which gives you a very good and clear image the lens are by Sony COMS. This is one of our most popular cameras for sale. They are day and night cameras that work in colour in the day time and then work with their own infer red light at night giving you a black and white image when there is no light source available around the cameras. They are shaped as a dome which makes them secure and less likely to be damaged by vandals and the elements. Another popular camera available by CCTV first is the Bullet Camera which has a metal weather proof housing is mainly used for outdoors this is again an infra red camera which is best for surveillance that requires a greater distance. It is used by a great deal of parking surveillance companies in their car parks and fast food drive through and petrol stations mainly anywhere that requires vision at a distance. They have a variable focus lens that can be adjusted manually which make it ideal for far distance surveillance. These are available in a range of lenses depending on what kind of distance and coverage that you require. These cameras are also quite large in size and more visible which also make them ideal style cameras to use as a deterrent. All cameras are available in black, gray and white.